The Disorganized Student 

How to help your teen so you don't lose your mind.

Learn the best ways to help your teen develop the executive function skills they need to get and stay organized and keep chaos at bay. Lay the groundwork for them to be able to advocate for their own needs.

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This mini-course is for you if:

✔️You have felt the need to micromanage your teen so they can achieve academic success

✔️​You have a teen who who is constantly forgetting academic obligations

​✔️You have a teen who forgets to brush their teeth on the way to brush their teeth

​✔️You have a teen who has trouble studying or focusing on long-term projects

​✔️You have a teen with an ADHD diagnosis

The Disorganized Student is the ultimate parenting mini-course

If you need parenting advice and tools to help your teen get organized at school and beyond

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Learn tools to help your teen with homework strategies and academic pressures.

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How to help your teen with time management when there are so many distractions.

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We'll explore how to help facilitate a supportive conversation with your teen who is disorganized.

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Hosted By

Susan Borison & Stephanie Silverman, Your Teen Media, the resource for parenting teenagers. 

Your Teen developed out of personal passion but grew out of universal need. Friends Stephanie Silverman and Susan Borison saw that their own parenting concerns and fears resonated with most everyone they polled. 

As they were wondering whether their teens’ struggles were normal, or whether their parenting woes were typical, other parents were dealing with the same insecurities. Unfortunately, the books and magazines they had relied on when their children were younger didn’t much help with teenagers. And so, Your Teen Magazine for Parents was born. These days, we’re pleased to say that Your Teen is a leading source for parents seeking high-quality information and advice about raising teenagers. We couldn’t be prouder.

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Jessica Burnquist

Jessica Burnquist is the Director of Education and Rock Your World, a global human rights based youth program for the non profit, Creative Visions. She is also the co-founder and author of Kindred Spirits, a human rights focused education blog sponsored by the American Federation of Teachers. She is a Sylvan Apple Award winner for teaching and a graduate of the Freedom Writers Teachers Institute.

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Jason Culp

As head of Upper School at Lawrence School, Jason Culp launches curricular modifications and extensive professional development programs designed to more effectively serve the needs of students with learning differences and attention deficits.

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Dr. Cheryl Chase

Dr. Cheryl Chase is a clinical psychologist in Cleveland Ohio. She specializes in the assessment and treatment of children, adolescents, and young adults who deal with attention, learning, and emotional disorders. She is also an accomplished national speaker on these topics.

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Michael J. Manos

Michael J. Manos, PhD, is Head of the Center for Pediatric Behavioral Health, Pediatric Institute, Cleveland Clinic. He is the founding Clinical and Program Director of the pediatric and adult ADHD Center for Evaluation and Treatment of Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. He is Adjunct Faculty in Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry.


  • Our hour-long video workshop with clinical psychologist Dr. Cheryl Chase, head of school Jason Culp, and former teacher and parent Jessica Burnquist (Video & Audio)
  • A downloadable PDF transcript of the workshop
  • Follow up Q&A with our panel of experts (Video & Audio)
  • Interview with a teen who figured it out (Video & Audio)
  • Interview with head of the Center for Pediatric Behavioral Health at the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Michael Manos (Video & Audio)
  • Disorganized Student: Middle School Organization Tips (PDF)
  • Organizational Skills For Teens: Help Your Teenager Get Organized (PDF)
  • How Parents Can Help Teenagers With ADHD In School (PDF)
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Disclaimer: This mini-course is not a therapy or counseling session. Nor is it a replacement for a therapy or counseling session. We encourage you to seek your own professional opinions relevant to your unique situations outside of this online community educational workshop. 

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