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So who are we to be telling you how to parent your teen?

Your Teen developed out of personal passion but grew out of universal need.

We, Stephanie Silverman and Susan Borison saw that our own parenting concerns and fears resonated with most everyone we polled. While we were wondering whether our teens’ struggles were normal, or whether our parenting woes were typical, we saw other parents dealing with the same insecurities. 

Unfortunately, the books and magazines we relied on when our children were younger didn’t help with our teenage years. 

And so, Your Teen Media was born.

These days, we’re pleased to say that Your Teen is a leading source for parents seeking high-quality information and advice about raising teenagers. 

We couldn’t be prouder.

Who are Jen and Sharon?


A writer whose work has been published in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and many other publications in addition to Your Teen Magazine, Sharon currently serves as the managing editor of Your Teen’s print magazine. She realizes that “the work I do here, which allows me to work with terrific experts and writers, is always teaching me something new about my own parenting.” Her kids are 14, 12, and 9, so she’s experiencing teens and parenting and all of the accompanying complexities in real time. Always a rebel, Sharon is looking forward to bringing her TEA to Coffee with Jen and Sharon. 


With two daughters, now 18 and 20, Your Teen Magazine started showing up in Jen’s mailbox “like magic, full of advice that arrived just as I needed it.” Jen found the perfect fit for her skills and talents at Your Teen as the Editor for Sponsored Content. “I could ask the experts my questions directly and try to apply their advice to my own situations (always easier said than done).” She intends to pass along a little bit of wisdom, and a lot of empathy, to parents who are encountering some of the same situations she has lived through and written about. Jen is looking forward to “spilling the tea” during Coffee with Jen and Sharon.

Susan Borison
Susan founded Your Teen because she wanted to read a magazine about raising teenagers. Her five kids get final approval for any personal exposure. To her teenage self: if you share your insecurities with others, you’ll find you’re never the only one.
Stephanie Silverman
Stephanie loves being the co-owner of YT Media because it changed everything (for the better) about her parenting 3 great kids (2 still teens). Laughter goes a LONG way in their household - pretty much anything is fair game. To her teenage self: You will (mostly) outgrow your anxiety - relax.
Sharon Holbrook
Sharon is a writer whose work has appeared in many local and national publications, including Your Teen, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. To her teenage self: If she could, she’d tell her teenage self to relax about the future—there are many kinds of happy endings.
Jennifer Proe
Jennifer is a jack of all parenting skills and master of none. When not making her teenage daughters cringe uncomfortably at her dancing and singing in public, she can be found curled up on the couch watching BBC crime dramas with her husband and cats. To her teenage self: “Nobody will remember that terrible haircut you got, what you wore to prom, or who you hung out with. Just do you.”
Jody Podl
Jody has spent her life around teens, as a teacher and as a parent of three. She believes that the book is always better than the movie. To her teenage self: “Be brave.”
Jessica Port
Jessica is an aspiring writer, SEO expert, and somewhat-recent teen, who loves to read, write, and play video games. To her teenage self: “You don’t need to try to fix the world, you just need to be the best person you can be.”
Mindy is the mother of three boys, all in their 20's, living independently and gainfully employed! Mindy has a Master of Social Work, has been a member of Your Teen for Parents for over 10 years and lives with her husband of almost 30 years! 

Dan Borison is a proud father of 5 kids. Even though they are grown up, for the most part, he would still do anything to make them happy and prevent them from crying (he has not learned properly from his more responsible wife).

Samira Colbert is a sophomore at Denison University and she is double majoring in Black Studies and Women's and Gender Studies. Samira is a 2018 graduate of Shaker Heights High School and is happy to be apart of the family!

Natalia Glinzler is charismatic and enjoys to be social. she's currently in 11th grade at shaker heights high school and is involved with SGORR, lacrosse, and tennis. She's very excited to see what this virtual family comes to bring!

Aidan Kohn Murphy is a 10th grader at Georgetown Day School. He is interested in sports, theater, politics. He's a former Sports Illustrated Kids Reporter and wants to be a journalist when he grows up. 


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